Is Bullying a Major Risk Factor for Suicide?

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on April 24, 2018

As a young-adult in today’s society, I have seen many forms of bullying, have lost friends to suicide, and have suffered from bullying myself. I have seen bullying occur in schools, in the workplace, during sports-related events, and in many other places. The effects of bullying are not only long term, but are also one of the top leading causes of suicide. Bullying many times leads to depression, anxiety, disorders, etc. which are major risk factors that lead to the thoughts and acts suicide. Bullying and suicide go hand in hand as the bully and the one being bullied are both affected by the actions present. Even though many other things also are risk factors for suicide, there is a strong connection between suicide and bullying because depression is an extreme risk for suicide, those who are bullied or are the bully are more likely to suffer from anxiety, depression, and even suicidal thoughts or attempts, and bullying has lasting effects in which affect the individuals each and every day. Bullying is a major risk factor for suicide due to the long-term effects of the actions of others as well as the result of anxiety, depression, and many other emotional deficits causing suicidal thoughts and attempts.

The effects of bullying and suicide have proven that there is a strong connection due to the fact that depression is an extreme risk for suicide and is diagnosed as a result of bullying. “Bully victims are between 2 to 9 times more likely to consider suicide than non-victims, according to studies by Yale University” (Bullying Statistics). The side effects that result from bullying have had an enormous impact on individuals who suffer each and every day causing an increase or a beginning to suicidal thoughts. On an average day to day basis, individual’s self-esteem is in the normal range but as chronic bullying occurs, self-esteem and the thought process tend to take a toll on the individual causing thoughts to begin. Suicide has increased throughout the years as bullying has increased due to the correlation. “Suicide is the third leading cause of death among young people, resulting in about 4,400 deaths per year, according to the CDC. For ever suicide among young people, there are at least 100 suicide attempts. Over 14 percent of high school students have considered suicide, and almost 7 percent have attempted it” (Bullying Statistics). The connection between suicide and bullying displays that bullying is a major risk factor for suicide due to the effects such as depression and anxiety as well as other effects.

As a victim of bullying, the constant name-calling, cyberbullying, physical abuse, and much more causes a drastic decrease in one’s emotion and social aspects of life. As a result, depression and anxiety causes individuals to produce suicidal thoughts and to possibly even attempt it. Many people believe that bullying causes suicide. However, the effects in which bullying causes is really what causes suicidal actions. “Negative outcomes of bullying may include: depression, anxiety, involvement in interpersonal violence or sexual violence, substance abuse, poor social functioning, and poor school performance, including lower grade point averages, standardized test scores, and poor attendance” (National Center for Injury Prevention and Control). Individuals are not only directly affected but are also indirectly affected and are suffering in extra-curricular activities and education. As a middle school student, I suffered from cyber bullying, name calling, physical abuse, people pulling chairs out from underneath me, and much more. During my personal instances, my grades and extracurricular activities were being affected due to my change in emotion and my social aspect of life. I became depressed and had anxiety and was nervous to go to school. Therefore, I was directly and indirectly affected and I still suffer with the effects to this day.

Bullying is a much bigger issue than many think due to the fact that bullying has long-lasting effects in which cause long-lasting depression and anxiety. In today’s society, many people are being treated for the symptoms of depression and anxiety. “Still, the findings add to the body of evidence already linking bullying and peer victimization to future mental health problems, said Dieter Wolke, a psychology researcher at the University of Warwick in the UK who wasn’t involved in the study” (Rapaport). The study produced by the University of Warwick allowed for others to see the long-lasting effects in which could cause further emotional and mental issues. As a victim of bullying, an individual tends to feel as though they are inferior to others which in turn causes further mental issues as well. “One of the most painful feelings is to be socially rejected, ridiculed, beaten, and embarrassed by other classmates… If this continues chronically, it not only increases anxiety of social contacts, it leads to defeat and internalization that one is useless, worthless, incapable, not worth loving” (Rapaport). The symptoms of depression include the feeling of usefulness and incapable; however, these symptoms are causing by bullying and lead to the suicidal thoughts I talk about today.

While many other effects are also risk factors for suicide, there is a strong connection between suicide and bullying. “The bottom-line of the most current research findings is that being involved in bullying in any way as a person who bullies, a person who is bullied, or a person who both bullies and is bullied, is ONE of several important risk factors that appears to increase the risk of suicide among youth” (National Center for Injury Prevention and Control). Bullying and suicide have a positive correlation; as bullying increases, suicide increases. Therefore, bullying is a risk factor for suicide and causes effects in which cause a decrease in one’s emotional and social aspects of life that are long-lasting and produces suicidal thoughts and actions. Even though people bypass bullying, people need to understand the bullying is a leading risk factor that leads to suicide in young-adults as well as children and adults in today’s society.




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Bullying in Sports Needs to Be Taken More Seriously

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on April 10, 2018

Throughout the United States, bullying is a major issue that many individuals struggle with on a daily basis.  Bullying takes place in areas that have little to no adult supervision such as: cafeterias, playgrounds, and especially at sports related functions. At athletic functions held by schools, children many times are not as supervised as they would be in a classroom setting. However, children who are bullying others think that they are able to pick on others without being seen in areas such as athletic functions while on the field. Athletic teams that spend hours at a time each day of the week tend to bicker due to the amount of time spent together. Once the bickering begins, people tend to think that they can get away with picking on others. Although bullying can take place easily at sports related functions, teammates and opponents should encourage each other rather than putting each other down by resorting to bullying due to an effect on social interaction, and athletes being mentally and physically affected. Many effects of bullying play a role on athletes.

The effects of bullying on an athlete causes a decrease in athletic ability due to teammates bringing down the individual. Picking on someone or being verbally and physically abusive to someone causes a constant issue in their lives. Many times, depression is the main result of chronic bullying which causes a lack in interests an individual generally has. Therefore, as athletes constantly pick on other participants on the team, the athlete tends to lose interest in participating or displays a lack in athletic abilities. As a participant or a coach of a team, one should support in an encouraging way rather than in a negative or “tough” manner. “Some might not think bullying is a big deal. They may even want to bury their heads in the sand calling it “tough love” instead of bullying when it comes from coaches or decry that we are “raising a nation of wimps if they can’t take a little heat on the field” when it comes from peers. The truth is, bullying gets in the way of essential life skills and bullying tactics don’t help build better futures” (Sills-Trausch). “Tough” coaching generally effects athletes, but they keep it to themselves because they think it is normal. Bullying in practice or even during games or matches is generally ignored or bypasses due to circumstances. Bullying only causes issues and does not allow an athlete to grow to their fullest potential, instead it causes a decrease in interest throughout their athletic career in which they put forth a lot of effort into what they do.

Student athletes generally dedicate themselves during the night and during the day in order to do what they love. However, the physical and verbal abuse that takes place in today’s society also affects the social interaction of the athletes participating in the sport. The longer chronic bullying occurs, the more the individual lacks in social interaction. Sports allow children to accumulate discipline, self-esteem, and creative thinking. hHowever, bullying causes a decrease in everything that sports have to offer for an individual to learn. “Team sports are great unifying activities in most cultures. Sports bring young kids out of their shells, teach them discipline, enhance creative thinking, introduce them to new people from all walks of life, build self-esteem and demonstrate how to work in a team setting- all in the name of something fun and healthy… If players in college see that bullying is okay in the big leagues, what prevents this type of abuse from trickling down into high school, middle school or even little league sports?” (Sills-Trausch). Some might think that bullying isn’t that big of a deal. However, people don’t realize the internal consequences that play a role on an athlete’s potential and performance. Also, according to, forty to fifty percent of athletes have experienced either mild or severe amounts of abuse during a sports involvement. Bullying occurs more than we know in the athletics we allow children to dedicate all of their time to. Bullying not only takes place by name calling, but it also takes place in a coaching form.

Throughout a student athletes career, athletes should be pushed to be their best and to their fullest potential. However, some athletes and coaches misunderstand the term “push” referring to the assistance of a knowledgeable individual to further progress athletic skills. In an athletic environment, athletes are extremely competitive and are compared to one another. Many time, coaches will refer to male athletes as “wimps” or a “wuss” due to their lack of ability to catch a pass or them not being able to do something that others can for example. Most would say name calling in football or in any other sport is just the ways boys are and that it’s just how boy talk to one another in a sports environment. However, the name calling even as a joke affects individuals and their ability to perform a skill or to even try a skill and affects their self-esteem. “Is it just “boys being boys” when you call someone a “wuss” if they didn’t catch a pass because they were afraid of the middle linebacker? What about telling a less physically imposing or less masculine teammate they are acting like a “pansy”” (Sills-Trausch) Males are tough, but are still affected by the things people say about them and the way they are treated. Teammates should not treat each other in a bad way, because it could cause the team to fail as a result of bullying each other and causing a lack in athletic ability. Yes, it may be easy to pick on one another in a sports related game or function, but it only causes more damage than good. Bullying in a sports environment will not allow for progress or potential; it will only allow for failure and low self-esteem.

Bullying continues to take place in sports, affecting athletic ability as well as mental and social interaction. As a student athlete, I have seen situations in which athlete’s lack in their athletics due to the things other say about them in a sports related manner causing a decrease in their social interaction with other athletes. In the future adult supervision and coach encouragement rather than hurtful remarks would allow for an athlete to progress without a lack in interaction and athletic ability which would increase the team’s performance as a whole. Bullying is something that people don’t take seriously; but, should be worked on. Bullying in sports only causes issues and is something that occurs around the United States. Athletes would not only thrive, but would enjoy participating in sports a lot more if bullying did not occur.


Student Bullying in the Education System

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on March 21, 2018

As a teenage student in the twenty first century, I have experienced the bullying of students first-hand. The bullying of students is a common issue throughout school systems around the world. Growing up in the school system of Georgia has allowed me to fully understand the severity of the issue. School systems have been saying that they are doing all that they can do to prevent the bullying of students. However, I have witnessed that bullying continues to occur in school systems. “70.6% of young people say they have seen bullying in their schools”  (Stop Bullying). Student bullying is a bigger issue than many people think and school systems should provide further implementation for those affected by bullying.

Bullying in today’s society is in two different forms: indirect and direct. Although, there are multiple categories of bullying that are very common. Student’s typically bully others by cyberbullying, physical abuse, verbal abuse, and even by damaging other’s properties. Many times, bullying is not only one student being bullied by one student, but involves interaction of a group of students bullying one student as the group of students “gang up” on one student. “Bullying has two key components: repeated harmful acts and an imbalance of power. It involves repeated physical, verbal, or psychological attacks or intimidation directed against a victim who cannot properly defend him-or herself because of size or strength, or because the victim is outnumbered or less psychologically resilient” (Sampson). As the bullying begins, it begins to become more consistent as it occurs every day. Bullying plays an enormous role on students and affects their emotions, security, grades, and much more. Bullies tend to spread rumors, trip students, name-calling, sexual harassment, hazing, and other variations that hurt the emotions and/or physical being of a student. Bullying happens not only in your area, but happens widespread as well and causes long-term effects to those being bullied. Bullying doesn’t just go through one ear and out the other, it resounds over and over and continues to get worse as the bullying continues.

In most cases of bullying in school systems, victims of bullying do not inform anyone of the instances. Students feel as though, they cannot trust the teachers or super intendants, or feel as though that if they inform someone it will only make the issue worse. Victims generally don’t tell due to not wanting to worry anyone, not wanting to be considered a snitch, or the thought that someone will not believe them. Students who attend public or private schools around the world have been told, “If you see bullying, tell someone.” However, witnesses do not generally tell someone, because they feel as though they will become the next victim. Bullying most often in places where teachers or adult supervision is not present. Areas of the school where bullying occurs most often is: bathrooms, playgrounds, car-rider lines, online, and even in the cafeteria. Most students enrolled in the school system have at some point been bullied in their school career, but those who are bullied daily have been affected severely.

As a student in the twenty first century school systems, I have been bullied and have seen bullying occur around me. As a fourth grader in elementary school, a girl who I thought was my friend would invite me over to her house for her birthday party. However, once I arrived I had realized I was the only one invited so I felt special, but her intentions were to have me alone just so she could bully me by calling me names, ordering me around, and pushing me without anyone else noticing. As time went on I had thought the bullying would stop, but it only got worse. As a sixth grader in middle school, my so-called girl best friend eventually found a friend who would help her “gang up” on me. They would steal my lunches in the cafeteria and make me watch them as they ate my food, they would pull chairs out from under me as I would sit down so they could steal my seat in order to sit next to each other, and they called me names in which I will not repeat. I was one of the chronic victims of bullying throughout my school career. As the end of my middle school career came to an end, people would take my books and pens and throw them down the hallway for others to see, would push me around near the lockers, and much more. I thought the bullying would never stop, and I even had told a super intendant and my parents; however, it only got worse. When high school came around, I applied to a city school in order to not have to go to my districted school. As summer ended, I began to get excited because I thought I could have a fresh start. Although, in high school I was unable to make friends. As a freshman at a new school, students already had their friend groups and would group together to pick on the new students. I tried to make friends, and I have made a few; but, others would gossip and spread rumors about me around the school in which were not true.

Over my entire school career, I have struggled with being bullied and making friends. However, it has taught me how much of an issue bullying is today. Bullying is something that affects student’s mental happiness not only for the moment, but for their life. The bullying of students causes mental breakdown as well as the lowering of self-esteem. In order for bullying to be resolved, super intendants, policed officers, or even teachers should be placed into areas where there is generally not a lot of supervision in order to comfort the victims of bullying. Students should also stand up for the instances of bullying that they see in order to help those who need it. If someone stood up for me I would’ve been beyond appreciated and I would be a different person today. Bullying needs to be stopped and it can be by telling others.



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Is Sex Trafficking Taken Seriously In Georgia?

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on March 2, 2018

In our generation, people all over the world are involved in sex trafficking; especially in Georgia. Many times, people think that sex trafficking mainly takes places in other countries or even places they are not familiar with. However, sex trafficking takes place anywhere and everywhere. Sex trafficking should be taken more seriously and should be prevented. People do not understand that sex trafficking not only takes place in your area, but it could be taking place right in front of you without you being aware. For example; at a local cheerleading competition in Atlanta, a girl was being followed by a group of males who were aware of the competition being held locally. The parents were finally able to determine what the males were aiming to do. The parents quickly sped up as the males noticed and tried to carry on a conversation with the parents to prevent any trouble.

Sex trafficking is one of the biggest issues in Atlanta and is many times left unnoticed. However; in today’s society, workers in highly populated areas are being trained for what to look for. Flight attendants are now required to search the plane for passengers who look as if they are frightened or even nervous and may have bruises in case of a sex trafficking situation. Sex trafficking can be noticed if you are aware of what you are looking for and if you are looking in the right areas. Trafficking is beginning to become an issue more than it ever was. Georgia now is ranked in the top ten for high sex trafficking issues. On January nineteenth of two thousand eighteen, Georgia ranked number six for problems with sex trafficking; while, Savannah is the most issued city  (Howard). Even though Savannah is ranked the most issued city, Atlanta is becoming an extremely issued city as well.

Atlanta is one of the most issued cities due to the conventions that are being held in the Georgia World Congress Center, the world’s busiest airport (Hartsfield- Jackson Atlanta International airport), Mercedes-Benz Stadium, and many more populated areas in the state of Georgia. Sex trafficking is a problem that many may not notice due to the fact that situations may look normal or even just because it occurs in a populated area. Many people argue that it only occurs in other countries or dangerous locations; however, it happens everywhere. “Taylor says sex trafficking can happen anywhere. She says it can happen where young people hang out, bus stations, restaurants, and even schools” (Howard). If business were taught for what to look for, similar to flight attendants, employers would be able to prevent sex trafficking and maybe even put a stop to it.

The state of Georgia not only has had increases in sex trafficking, but is not being looked upon as well as it should be. Plans have been put into place to prevent and to try to stop sex trafficking, but trafficking is becoming an even bigger problem. “The Trafficking Victims Protection Act (TVPA) was authorized in 2000 and was the first federal law to address sex trafficking and labor trafficking in the United States. The TVPA focused on the prevention for trafficking survivors as well as prosecution for traffickers” (Jesionka). An act was then produced to prevent and stop sex trafficking; although, the act was then updated multiple times but never was effective for the purposes that it was meant to act upon. “But the TVPRA expired in 2011, and is in need of an update to keep up with the rapidly evolving landscape of human trafficking” (Jesionka). Human trafficking has been growing more rapidly than Georgia can keep up with, so the attempt to prevent and to stop trafficking has been an issue. Sex trafficking may be hard to notice, but it is not completely unnoticeable.

Victims of sex trafficking are many times kidnapped, beaten, treated poorly, etc., but are taught to keep quiet. Those that live in the state of Georgia should be taught the warning signs and reactions for those being affected by sex trafficking. Today traffickers are using technology in multiple ways in order to come into contact with children. Social media including snapchat, Instagram, twitter, and many more are allowing predators to hide their identity, determine the exact location of a user, and to even advertise a brand in which they use to trick their victims. Parents around the world should be monitoring their children’s electronics as well keeping an eye on their children at all times. Predators generally go after children once they have noticed that a child has separated from their parents or guardians. Trafficking affects people of all ages. “The FBI estimates that over 100,000 children and young women are trafficked in America today. They range in age from nine to 19, with the average being age 11. Many victims are not just runaways or abandoned, but are from “good” families who are coerced by clever traffickers”  (Monique Burr). Due to the fact that children coming from “good” families are even being taken as sex trafficking victims, just shows that the state of Georgia or even the United States should be doing something to further prevent the trafficking issues.

Possible solutions to prevent or put sex trafficking to a halt would be to monitor social media accounts, provide higher security in highly populated areas, allow employers that are knowledgeable on trafficking to spectate, etc. There are many possible solutions to human trafficking; although, they are not taken to extreme measures in which they should be. As the cases of human trafficking grow, the more that extreme measures should be put into place. In the year of 2017, there were 398 calls and 150 trafficking cases reported to the NHTRC of the state of Georgia  (Trafficking Hotline). This just demonstrates how extreme the cases are in the state of Georgia and the need for a prevention or solution to sex trafficking. Sex trafficking is not taken nearly as serious as it should be and is unnoticed by many. Many are fully aware of the issue; however, individuals do not look for the signs of a victim. Sex trafficking is a much bigger issue than what the state of Georgia makes it out to be.

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Take a Seat

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on February 13, 2018

For centuries capital punishment has been around; however, it now only exists in forms of lethal injection and execution. In past times, public punishments were another form of punishment, but no longer are used. The death penalty began in seven hundred B.C. and is now a common form of punishment for those who have committed severe crimes such as: murder, rape, etc. The grieving families of victims are able to receive relief from the death penalty of those who committed acts of a crime. People say that prisoners do not deserve to die; however, as a citizen of the United States criminals that perform heinous acts should be put to death rather than allowed to live their life in a jail cell. The decision comes down to whether or not lethal injection or execution is the way to perform capital punishment.

Lethal injection has been around for forty-one years. In nineteen seventy seven, Oklahoma was the first state to perform lethal injection. Although, thirty six states now have adopted lethal injection as the primary form of execution. From 1977 to 2009, eighty six percent of people have been executed by lethal injection in the United States. Lethal injection is made up of a combination of three drugs to perform an overdose. The three drugs included in the mixture are sodium thiopental,  pancuronium bromide, and potassium chloride. Sodium thiopental cause an unconscious state to begin the process. Pancuronium bromide then paralyzes the body while disabling the breathing. To end the process, potassium chloride is used to interfere with the contractions of the heart and causes the criminal to go into cardiac arrest. Lethal injection is a process in which is not painful for the prisoner.

Compared to lethal injection, the electric chair is a more severe punishment. Although, the difference in time of death takes a big part in the decision process. The time of death produced by an electric chair can take anywhere from two to fifteen minutes, whereas a lethal injection will take from five minutes up to two hours causing a slow death. The process of the electric chair could include the tying down of a prisoner, shaving, as well as possibility of the body catching fire. From nineteen seventy-seven to two thousand nine, thirteen percent of people receiving a capital punishment were put to death by the electric chair. Schindler writes, “[In] 1889, William Kemmler… was sentenced to die… in Auburn Prison’s electric chair, the first in the country. It took eight agonizing minutes to kill him but it did the job, and electrocution soon became the most widely used method of legal execution in the United States.” Once the electric chair was introduced, twenty-six states had changed their form of punishment from a public hanging to the electric chair. However, in today’s system, nine states provide the electric chair as the sole method of punishment due to the severity of the crime.

The death penalty was put into place, because of crime rates. However, many states that have imposed the death penalty are citing that their crime rates have lowered. Once the death penalty is put into place, criminals think twice about the crimes they are about to act on due to the consequences. The death penalty is used as a punishment and a life lesson to those who commit crimes. “It also cited capital punishment’s effectiveness as a crime deterrent and appropriate punishment for the very worst of criminal offenders“. Once the death penalty is decided, prisoners then begin to think about their decisions before they go. Those who commit horrendous crimes such as murder and rape deserve to be treated the way they treat others. Those that have committed heinous crimes need to be put down, and it should be painful. The prisoners receiving the death penalty are receiving it, because they deserve it. Therefore, the electric chair should be the sole form of execution for the prisoners to get what they deserve.

In the United States, many have opposed the death penalty, because they state it is a way of racism. However, in all forms of executions from nineteen seventy-seven to two thousand nine, more Caucasians are put to death than African Americans. “Opponents also argue that capital punishment is an example of institutionalized racism.” Racism is a very serious topic; although, people in today’s societies are using racism as an excuse to blame others. Prisoners who have done wrong deserve to be put down due to their crimes, not their race. Race had nothing to do with the decision to kill someone, only facts do.

People believe that if someone is convicted of committing a crime, they receive the best punishment in a prison cell for life. However, your worst day in prison is always going to be better than taking your last breath in an electric chair. The death penalty allows for others to feel as though the criminal gets what they deserve. Troy Davis states, “Whether you believe in an afterlife or not, the death penalty is the greatest equalizer for justice for society’s greatest monsters. If you believe this world is all there is, that when you die you’re done, then a bad day in prison is better than not existing at all.” Those that lost their loved ones because of a prisoner will receive justice and closure.

The electric chair and a lethal injection are the most popular forms of execution. Those that are wanting relief are not going to get the relief they are wanting by a lethal injection which does not cause any form of pain. Prisoners that have murdered, raped, and even abused victims don’t deserve to take their last breath easily. They need to suffer just like the victims they left behind. The electric chair is a form in which will allow family members of victims to perform the steps of grievance and closure as well as for criminals to pay the price of their crimes.

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Lethal Injection or Execution?

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on January 27, 2018

For centuries capital punishment has been around; however, it now only exists in forms of lethal injection and execution. In past times, public punishments were another form of punishment, but no longer are used. The death penalty began in seven hundred B.C. and is now a common form of punishment for those who have committed severe crimes such as: murder, rape, etc. The grieving families of victims are able to receive relief from the death penalty of those who committed acts of a crime. As a citizen of the United States, criminals that perform heinous acts should be put to death rather than allowed to live their life in a jail cell. The decision comes down to whether or not lethal injection or execution is the way to perform capital punishment.

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All About Me & My Views On Social Issues

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on January 16, 2018

As a blogger, I would like to introduce myself. My name is Madison Stocks and I am eighteen years old. I have lived in Georgia for my entire life; however, I travel often. As I began to travel, I decided I wanted to share my experiences with others. Therefore, I created my blog known as Love Madi. My blog consists of travel itineraries, student-athlete based posts, my views on social issues, and much more. Being enrolled as a full time college student while still in high school, has allowed me to manage my time while forming a blog.

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How To Plan Your First Solo Travel Trip

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on December 16, 2017
How To Plan Your First Solo Travel Trip

Planning a trip can be a daunting and difficult task; however, it no longer has to be that way. Planning your very first solo trip allows you the opportunity of planning accordingly. I am here to give you some insight tips on the best ways to accommodate your stay in your choice of destination.

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The Beginning To an End

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on December 10, 2017

Hey there fellow blog readers! So I’ve been super busy with the past couple of weeks because our first competition is we on 12/9-12/10. It was my last first competition.

For the past 13 years I have been a competitive cheerleader for the Atlanta Jayhawks, Stingray Allstars, and Pro Cheer Allstars. However, I decided to end with Pro Cheer medium coed.

We were super prepared even though we didn’t get the result we wanted; however, we did get a worlds bid. We were not expecting to get a worlds bid due to our performance, but we did it.

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