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Top Gift Ideas for Boys & Girls

Posted in holidays
on November 26, 2017

So today I am back for more! I recently took a poll to see what kind of blog post everyone wanted to see. Therefore, this was my most requested blog to post. As christmas time approaches quickly, gift giving comes to mind. Have you thought about what you are going to purchase for your family or friends? Because if not, I have listed down below the top five gift ideas for boys and girls.

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Get Festive For Christmas

Posted in holidays
on November 14, 2017

Hey everyone so I’m back for some new posts. I recently have been gone for a while to focus on school work; however, i’m back for more!

Today I have decided that since the holidays are coming up it would be a good idea to write about some thing you can do to get into the holiday spirit. Christmas is by far my favorite holiday, but I also really love thanksgiving.

Down below I have listed some of my favorite things to do in the time of the holidays. It can be anything from a date night to just something fun to do with your family. Check it out!

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Things to do In the Time of Fall

Posted in holidays
on September 26, 2017

Hey there everyone! I just wanna say thank you to those that visit my blog and comment as well as subscribe! I have reached 1,020 views in my first 5 days of owning this blog!! It’s so exciting! Therefore, I decided to make a more fun blog post.

As Fall has quickly approached us all, we have been wondering, “What is there to do when it gets chilly outside?” Fall is my favorite activity due to all the fun activities. Down below I have listed some of my favorite activities to take place in the season of fall.

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