Student Bullying in the Education System

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on March 21, 2018

As a teenage student in the twenty first century, I have experienced the bullying of students first-hand. The bullying of students is a common issue throughout school systems around the world. Growing up in the school system of Georgia has allowed me to fully understand the severity of the issue. School systems have been saying that they are doing all that they can do to prevent the bullying of students. However, I have witnessed that bullying continues to occur in school systems. “70.6% of young people say they have seen bullying in their schools”  (Stop Bullying). Student bullying is a bigger issue than many people think and school systems should provide further implementation for those affected by bullying.

Bullying in today’s society is in two different forms: indirect and direct. Although, there are multiple categories of bullying that are very common. Student’s typically bully others by cyberbullying, physical abuse, verbal abuse, and even by damaging other’s properties. Many times, bullying is not only one student being bullied by one student, but involves interaction of a group of students bullying one student as the group of students “gang up” on one student. “Bullying has two key components: repeated harmful acts and an imbalance of power. It involves repeated physical, verbal, or psychological attacks or intimidation directed against a victim who cannot properly defend him-or herself because of size or strength, or because the victim is outnumbered or less psychologically resilient” (Sampson). As the bullying begins, it begins to become more consistent as it occurs every day. Bullying plays an enormous role on students and affects their emotions, security, grades, and much more. Bullies tend to spread rumors, trip students, name-calling, sexual harassment, hazing, and other variations that hurt the emotions and/or physical being of a student. Bullying happens not only in your area, but happens widespread as well and causes long-term effects to those being bullied. Bullying doesn’t just go through one ear and out the other, it resounds over and over and continues to get worse as the bullying continues.

In most cases of bullying in school systems, victims of bullying do not inform anyone of the instances. Students feel as though, they cannot trust the teachers or super intendants, or feel as though that if they inform someone it will only make the issue worse. Victims generally don’t tell due to not wanting to worry anyone, not wanting to be considered a snitch, or the thought that someone will not believe them. Students who attend public or private schools around the world have been told, “If you see bullying, tell someone.” However, witnesses do not generally tell someone, because they feel as though they will become the next victim. Bullying most often in places where teachers or adult supervision is not present. Areas of the school where bullying occurs most often is: bathrooms, playgrounds, car-rider lines, online, and even in the cafeteria. Most students enrolled in the school system have at some point been bullied in their school career, but those who are bullied daily have been affected severely.

As a student in the twenty first century school systems, I have been bullied and have seen bullying occur around me. As a fourth grader in elementary school, a girl who I thought was my friend would invite me over to her house for her birthday party. However, once I arrived I had realized I was the only one invited so I felt special, but her intentions were to have me alone just so she could bully me by calling me names, ordering me around, and pushing me without anyone else noticing. As time went on I had thought the bullying would stop, but it only got worse. As a sixth grader in middle school, my so-called girl best friend eventually found a friend who would help her “gang up” on me. They would steal my lunches in the cafeteria and make me watch them as they ate my food, they would pull chairs out from under me as I would sit down so they could steal my seat in order to sit next to each other, and they called me names in which I will not repeat. I was one of the chronic victims of bullying throughout my school career. As the end of my middle school career came to an end, people would take my books and pens and throw them down the hallway for others to see, would push me around near the lockers, and much more. I thought the bullying would never stop, and I even had told a super intendant and my parents; however, it only got worse. When high school came around, I applied to a city school in order to not have to go to my districted school. As summer ended, I began to get excited because I thought I could have a fresh start. Although, in high school I was unable to make friends. As a freshman at a new school, students already had their friend groups and would group together to pick on the new students. I tried to make friends, and I have made a few; but, others would gossip and spread rumors about me around the school in which were not true.

Over my entire school career, I have struggled with being bullied and making friends. However, it has taught me how much of an issue bullying is today. Bullying is something that affects student’s mental happiness not only for the moment, but for their life. The bullying of students causes mental breakdown as well as the lowering of self-esteem. In order for bullying to be resolved, super intendants, policed officers, or even teachers should be placed into areas where there is generally not a lot of supervision in order to comfort the victims of bullying. Students should also stand up for the instances of bullying that they see in order to help those who need it. If someone stood up for me I would’ve been beyond appreciated and I would be a different person today. Bullying needs to be stopped and it can be by telling others.



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