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How To: Cruise Guide

Posted in travel
on November 18, 2017

Hey there to my fellow blog readers! I’m back for more of your favorite posts!! My family recently booked a cruise for all of us including my boyfriend. We will be visiting St. Thomas, Grand Turk, San Juan, and Amber Cove (The Caribbean). I have been on one cruise before where we visited amazing parts of the Bahamas known as Half Moon Cay as well as Nassau. Cruises are my new favorite thing. Even though I have only been on one so far, I feel as though I am able to give some inside tips to your first cruise.

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Competitive Cheerleading Packing List: For Free!

Posted in sports, travel
on October 10, 2017

Hey there, blog readers! I’m officially beginning to post consistently again and today’s I have decided to post about cheerleading (who would’ve guessed?). So if you are a competitive cheerleader who is traveling this year, feel free to check out my newest freebie for all of my readers to access. And the best part about it….

It’s free!

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I Just Want to Travel

Posted in travel
on September 20, 2017

As I grow into an adult the thing that has always meant something special to me is traveling. Due to me being a competitive cheerleader as well as a weightlifter it has allowed me to travel to places such as: Kansas City, Charlotte, Austin, Orlando, Kentucky,  Indianapolis, etc. However, my parents have taken us to places that intrigue me a lot more than others have. Washington DC, Half Moon Cay, and Nassau were big points of interest in which I really enjoyed.

When I travel it gives me a sense of happiness in which I am able to do what I enjoy… writing and photography.

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