All About Me & My Views On Social Issues

Posted in english class
on January 16, 2018

As a blogger, I would like to introduce myself. My name is Madison Stocks and I am eighteen years old. I have lived in Georgia for my entire life; however, I travel often. As I began to travel, I decided I wanted to share my experiences with others. Therefore, I created my blog known as Love Madi. My blog consists of travel itineraries, student-athlete based posts, my views on social issues, and much more. Being enrolled as a full time college student while still in high school, has allowed me to manage my time while forming a blog.

My hobbies include writing, competitive cheerleading, weight lifting, and watching Netflix. Although, most of my time consists of competitive cheerleading practice. I practice on average 14 hours during the week while working 24 hours a week, and attending college full time. Cheerleading has allowed me to make friends with many different people. The people I surround myself with are all different. Each and every one is different due to race, gender, and interests.

I am intrigued by the world and the people in it. Social issues occur each and every day that continue to put our country into battles. I am planning to focus on social issues such as: the death penalty, racism, inequality, and human trafficking. However, I will mainly cover inequality. Many people around the world are blinded by the fact that social issues are occurring around them each and every day. Social issues are debated about on a daily basis and are some of the world’s most important topics.

I decided to pick these specific social issues due to the fact that I am surrounded by them each and every day. I have had personal experiences with majority of the social issues I will be covering. Each and every topic I have chosen is important to me. The death penalty, racism, inequality, and human trafficking are the most controversial social topics and should be discussed.


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